NDT Services

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) :

Magnetic Particle Inspection is the most economical NDT method to find out surface cracks for ferromagnetic material . its easiest way  where the magnetic yoke  can be handled and portable . we use this methods in Rig Sites , industrial processes , …

Penetrant Testing (PT) :

Dye penetrant Testing method is a widely range NDT Method to detect the surface discontinuities or defects located in many types of materials ferromagnetic such as Steel or non-ferromagnetic material such as aluminium and  other material of non-ferromagnetic  . this methods can detect  industrial defects during manufacturing such as fatigue crack , grinding crack and welds surface cracks . 

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) :

Ultrasonic Testing Method is NDT Method to detect the Material Thickness and sub-surface discontinuities such as cracks , porosity , lack of fusion , lack of penetration for welds . UT method can detect the any crack depth , length So its very accurate method to determine any defects in metallic or nonmetallic materials .

Visual Testing (VT) :

Visual inspection its very important stage of NDT methods to verify which other NDT be used , where visual inspection be performed first to determine the material conditions such as excessive corrosion , weld cap very high , lack of penetration for welds , …